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Readers comment on Alhambra's biking laws, First Baptist Church and ELAC engineers

Adam Bray-Ali’s article about Alhambra’s biking laws generated the most comments in the last two weeks. Readers voiced their frustration on the website and the Alhambra Source Facebook page, calling for more bicycling support from the city. Jesse Chang’s Q&A with Pastor Leland Hamby of First Baptist Church also gained attention, along with Daniela Gerson’s feature on the underdogs from the East Los Angeles College Human Powered Vehicle Challenge team.

Alhambra’s biking laws, which require all cyclists to have a license and outlaw any riding on the sidewalks, caused some readers to question the city government. “Posting possible illegal ordinances on the city website that threatens hefty fines certainly is not a sigh [sic] of a city government that is promoting a bike friendly city,” wrote Michael Lawrence. “Alhambra residents ride on the sidewalks because there are no bike lanes in the downtown area and they feel unsafe. Adopting a bike plan for the City of Alhambra would promote a safe environment, public awareness/education and encourage an alternative to cars.”

Readers on Facebook shared Lawrence’s opinion. “If cyclists are now going to be asked to pay for a license,” asked Bike Sgv, “then shouldn't they be entitled to ask for a fair share of the road? Just like cars? Like if you agree.” The comment has two “likes.”

The story on First Baptist Church’s efforts to embrace change and diversity also inspired opinion, although in a more positive light. “Fascinating article,” commented Oscar A. “Really underlines the notion that no matter what cultural, ethnic or religious background we come from, we ALL believe there is one entity we call ‘God.’ Kudos to Pastor Leland Hamby and thanks to Alhambra Source for posting this.”

The support continued as readers commented on ELAC’s Human Powered Vehicle Challenge team, a group of students who represented the only community college at the competition. “Wow. Awesome story!” wrote marcotico. “You guys did great, I can't wait to hear more from you young engineers.”

“As a former student of ELAC who has made it to the Ivy Leagues, I never forgot my time spent at ELAC,” wrote Andrea M. “I am proud of these students [sic] accomplishments. They have big dreams that are no different from students at state colleges, private universities or Ivy League universitites [sic]. Most Americans hear East LA and think of only negative stereotypes. The Rolling Huskies are doing their part to squash those misconceptions.”

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