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Prepare for the dragon: Alhambra 2012 Lunar New Year Festival announced

The annual Alhambra Lunar Year Festival (四海迎春園遊會), a cultural fair featuring more than 200 vendors welcoming the year of the dragon, will take place on February 4, 2012 (Saturday). 

The event will be held on the first day of spring according to the Chinese calendar. With sponsors such as MetLife, Toyota, Wells Fargo and AT&T, the festival will present traditional performances, art and porcelain exhibition, and lucky draws. People will have a chance to try out dragon boat rolling, art craft making, calligraphy writing, and enjoy cultural games and rides, World Journal reported.

The festival's website provides this explanation:

Chinese New Year formally commences at the beginning of Spring. Hence, it is known as the Spring Festival.  It is a time to cast away the bad blood of the previous year and wish for good fortune in the coming year. Unlike the western calendar, the Chinese have their own lunar calendar which revolves around the moon. 

The upcoming year will be the Year of the Dragon, beginning on Jan 23, 2012.

For more information about the festival, please visit http://www.alhambranewyearfestival.com/ or contact Pinki Chen at 626-395-9995

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  1. please tell me whats foods i shud prefare for upcoming chinese newyear what those lucky foods i shud prepare thnx

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