Police shut down part of Valley Boulevard after driver hits pedestrians

Alhambra police shut down Valley Boulevard between Stoneman and Chapel avenues for three hours Wednesday after a driver struck two pedestrians who were crossing Valley at Monterey Street, according to a press release from the police department. Both victims sustained serious injuries and were transferred to a nearby hospital after being treated at the scene by Alhambra Fire Department paramedics.

The pedestrians were crossing southbound on Valley when the eastbound driver struck them at about 1:05 p.m., according to police. The names and condition of the victims have not been released.

7 thoughts on “Police shut down part of Valley Boulevard after driver hits pedestrians”

  1. Any new update on this incident?

    Most people get too comfortable with driving nowadays that they had forgotten they are driving a weapon around. Everyone thinks that guns kill people, but they forgot that cars kill people as well. What is the difference if these two pedestrians were shot by guns instead of got hit by a car? No difference at all.

    People think that “car accident” keep the people inside the car safe, but what about the people/animals/things outside the car? Many of the so-called-accident nowadays are not accidents at all. They are careless people causing hurting others. I really believe that those drivers who caused others to died or severe injured need to have their driver license taken away for life. DRIVING IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Driving is a HUGE responsibility, but people seem to forget that now…

  2. People are still driving too fast in this little city of ours.

    Either we don’t have enough police, or they are not doing their jobs.

    1. I agree with you, Joesph S. I think Alhambra police are not doing their jobs. I have had so many bad experience dealing with Alhambra police… I have become very disappointed with them.

  3. Cyclists are on the sidewalks because Alhambra’s streets aren’t designed to accommodate bikes. fortunatley cyclists don’t pose nearly as grave and deadly a threat as speeding 2,000+ lbs vehicles

  4. Guillermo Martinez

    My wife was almost hit by another lousy Alhambra driver, or possibly the same one, at the same crosswalk. She froze like a deer in headlights that evening walking back from a restaurant. Luckily, since we were holding hands, I was able to pull her to safety before the distracted, or ignorant to the law driver had hit her.

  5. Pedestrians are also at the mercy of the many bicyclists who persistently ride on the sidewalks, particularly on Valley Blvd. If we could make the sidewalks themselves safer, pedestrians would be more welcome…

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