Police search for Alhambra Park Veterans Memorial vandals

The Alhambra Police Department is searching for the person or people who vandalized the Alhambra Park Veterans Memorial early Wednesday, the agency posted on Facebook. The graffiti on the memorial wall — which includes names of local service members who died in service — has since been removed.

Similar markings were found near the swimming pool facility, police told the Pasadena Star-News. The graffiti resulted in nearly $1,000 in damages.

The vandalism comes days before Veterans Day on Nov. 11. The city of Alhambra will host Tuesday a ceremony and celebration to honor those who  have served in the armed forces. The ceremony will begin at 11 a.m. at Alhambra Park, 500 N. Palm Ave.

"With Veterans Day approaching, we would like to thank all our veterans for their service!" Alhambra PD posted on Facebook. "We would also like to thank our Public Works Department for the prompt removal of this graffiti."

Read the full story from the Pasadena Star-News.

1 thought on “Police search for Alhambra Park Veterans Memorial vandals”

  1. After reading the Star News report of the vandalized Veterans Memorial Wall and some of the reader’s comments as well as the reporting of the Source I’m left with mixed feelings about the culprits of this incident. They were obviously adolescent in there behavior if not in age. And, I can almost guarantee they are clueless of our foreign policy and the many conflicts that have resulted in casualties like those commemorated by this memorial. If they are caught I believe the outrage should be shifted towards their level of ignorance and the lack of civics missing in the school curriculum not to mention the social studies lessons they obviously missed. Engaging our youth in Jeffersonian principles of democracy and nationhood is a better remedy that throwing the legal book at them for defacing public property. We have an opportunity to teach these youth something important by those who did serve their nation honorably and with great sacrifice. Intern them with a combat veteran or the families who lost their sons or daughters and perhaps then they will come to realize the gravity of their mischievous assault on our way of life.

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