Police encourage elderly scam victims to report incidents

More than 40 scam incidents targeting the elderly have occurred in the San Gabriel Valley since last year, World Journal (世界日报) reports. Some victims were reluctant to report the incident or provide a witness, making it difficult for police to arrest the suspects. Police are encouraging elderly scam victims to report cases and cooperate with authorities.

The Langley Senior Center in  Monterey Park reported an incident to the police on Feb 4. involving one of their senior residents. The victim gave away jewelry and cash after she was approached by three strangers and smelled an unknown gas. But while the victim told other seniors and social workers in the center about the scam, the victim was unwilling to tell the police, refusing to release any detail other than providing the approximate location of the crime. The Langley Senior Center has posted bilingual notices about the scam to caution other residents.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's office encourages victims to report scam cases by contacting the L.A. County Elder Abuse Hotline at (877) 477-3646, L.A. County Adult Protective Services, or a local law enforcement agency.

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