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Police arrest three burglary suspects; K-9 injured while assisting

Alhambra police arrested three male suspects after they broke into a home on Thursday. 

The Alhambra Police Department received a call from a resident in the 1800 block of South Geranio Drive around 10:30 pm. The caller reported seeing three unknown subjects in his home. The resident was viewing a home security app on his phone when he saw the suspects, according to a press release from the APD.

Officers arrived within 30 seconds and saw three suspects exiting the back door of the house. The suspects started climbing over the walls and running from yard to yard to avoid capture.

Officers set up a perimeter with assistance from outside agencies and a helicopter from Pasadena. They located one suspect hiding in a nearby garage and ordered him to surrender around midnight. A police K-9 from the APD was sent in after he refused to surrender. The suspect attacked the K-9 and injured its mouth. The injured K-9 was called back, and a second K-9 from the Whittier Police Department was then sent in. The suspect, who received minor injuries from K-9 bites, later surrendered.

Alhambra police then located and detained the other two suspects in a garage near Geranio Drive and Shorb Street. 

The Alhambra K-9 that sustained injuries is expected to fully recover.

The suspects are identified as 20-year-old Taveonne Davenport, 21-year-old Keith Vincent Wickware, and 18-year-old Deonte Jerome Pinker. They are all residents of Los Angeles. All three suspects will be charged with felony burglary and are scheduled to appear in Alhambra Superior Court on Tuesday, May 24. Their bail has been set at $50,000.

6 thoughts on “Police arrest three burglary suspects; K-9 injured while assisting”

  1. These thugs think they can get free stuff in our city. I am so happy to hear they were caught, they’re too lazy to get a job but not too lazy to go out and steal. One of the suspect’s sisters is on Facebook stating “My brother made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes, everyone is making him look like a bad person”. Your brother is a thief lady, simple as that.

  2. Good!!! Now we can breathe easily…but sadly this will not be the end of those home robberies, others are looking around, waiting for the right moment. I hope those three suspects receive harsh penalties, if found guilty.

  3. Great news. I think they are likely the same who burglared ALHAM home back in February. Their MO fits the profile and timing. I think I may have caught them mid-crime; but luckily was staying in my car in the driveway to finish a cell call. It looked like they stopped mid-way and flew out the back door. Left the door open and broke the side gate to get out. They couldn’t jump the shorte driveway gate because I was there in my care.

    Glad they are off the streets.

  4. “They are all residents of Los Angeles.” APD’s Facebook page said Taveonne Davenport is of unknown residence.

    1. We have confirmed with APD that all suspects are residents of Los Angeles.

  5. That was why I saw as many as four helicopters hovering above the area, southeast of Almansor Park, that night. One of them shone spotlight underneath. I tried to look up the local ABC, NBC, CBS websites to find out what happened in vain. Glad that those suspects were captured.

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