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Police: 4 arrested following Alhambra Park vandalism

Four youths allegedly affiliated with an El Sereno gang vandalized Alhambra Park on Monday with "an enormous amount of graffiti," the Alhambra Police Department posted on Facebook. The suspects were charged with felony vandalism.

The suspects allegedly tagged benches, gates, pathways, and walls, according to Alhambra PD. When officers received a report and arrived at the scene, the suspects tried to escape but were caught without further incident.

Alhambra PD did not post photos of the graffiti. "Sorry, but no pictures will be shown because their criminal work does not need to be made famous," the agency wrote. "Thanks for reporting this and keeping Alhambra safe!"

The park was also vandalized on Nov. 5. Monterey Park resident Abel Samano, 18, allegedly tagged the Veterans Memorial Wall at the park and was arrested for felony vandalism.

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4 thoughts on “Police: 4 arrested following Alhambra Park vandalism”

  1. Agree with you kjayas, so what do you think society must do? I think bad parenting has something to do with it too…

  2. vandalism is bad. so society must be creative for the young generation

  3. Good to read these vandals were caught, now I’m hoping for long prison terms.I am constantly on alert for graffiti in my neighborhood and I report it quick. Having worked in areas where graffiti occurs, I realized that if people report it fast and it’s removed fast, soon the graffiti vandals will tire of having their “work” being painted over and will stop their activity in that area, so I urge all Alhambra residents to keep our city clean from graffiti by reporting it to the graffiti hotline; people can report it anonymously without having to give their personal information.

  4. Good job residents and PD! Let’s get these scumbags out of Alhambra!

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