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PHOTO GALLERY: Judy Chu calls for Congressional action on gun violence in Pasadena

Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA – 27), whose district includes Alhambra, is collaborating with fellow House Democrats to continue talks on gun control legislation following the Orlando mass shooting.

Chu held her own rally as part of a National Day of Action on Gun Violence on June 29.

Chu's Pasadena event, “SPEAK OUT: Enough is Enough,” opened dialogue on the effects of gun violence and invited representatives from the LGBT, Muslim and Sikh community to speak out on this issue. 

Chu told the audience to push for a vote on gun control legislation in Congress, which resumes session on July 5. People who wish to do so can call House Speaker Paul Ryan at 1-888-909-RYAN (7926) or (202) 225-0600.

“We have to [make] every elected official accountable for their actions or non-actions on gun,” Chu said. “We must turn around the House and the Senate in November, so that no longer will our dear family members be dying at the hands of a gun.”

The All Saints Church hosted the two-hour gathering, which had more than 150 people in attendance, according to a press release.

Jack Scott, a former CA Assembly and state senate member of Pasadena, told the story of how his son, who was 27 years old, had been shot and killed. Influenced by the death of his son, he put himself to work in the legislature. Scott said that he authored 13 different bills that were signed into law, which was received with loud applause.

Scott said that more guns aren’t the solution to gun violence:

…I always thought it was a folly in America for us to have such ready access to guns. The folly that says that in some sense, we’re safer if everyone has a gun, which would simply mean we’re the safest country in the world because 189 million guns. It just so happens that among the 25 leading industrial nations, we have gun deaths twelve times the average in the other countries. Something is wrong. It doesn’t prove that guns are an answer to our problem of gun violence. They are the problem.

Shelly McMahon, whose son was killed because of gun violence, challenged the audience to pressure politicians. “Sensible gun legislation does save lives…We need to target every NRA-backed politician that continues to turn a blind eye towards violence and remove them from office. I think that makes sense, don’t you?” McMahon said.

Signs visible at the front of the room displayed the hashtags #DisarmHate and #EnoughIsEnough, encouraging individuals to continue dialogue on social media. 

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