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Phil Spector suing Alhambra from inside prison

Even from behind bars, Phil Spector is still making headlines in Alhambra. Three years after the music producer's high-profile conviction for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson in his Pyrenees Castle on Grand View Drive, Spector and his wife Rachelle have filed a lawsuit against the city he once called a "hick town," alleging damages to their property.

According to s lawsuit filed on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the city-owned wall that supports the hillside on which the castle is located is beginning to deteriorate due to ongoing construction in the area. The couple claims that their residence has been "destabilized and damaged by deep-seated landsliding caused by road cuts constructed, maintained, operated, owned or controlled by the City of Alhambra and its various departments." The Spectors "are seeking compensatory relief for the physical damage to their property, the loss of its use and the loss of value to it and the cost to stabilize the residence," according to the Hollywood Reporter

2 thoughts on “Phil Spector suing Alhambra from inside prison”

  1. Carmelita Haltom

    That’s what he gets for having property in this “hick town”!

  2. Oh geeeeeeez…… rolling my eyes…. rolling my eyes….

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