Pedrini, Fosselman's, Bun 'n Burger: Readers reminisce about their old Alhambra favorites

Alhambra Source readers were nostalgic for old times these past few weeks, commenting about their favorite Alhambra businesses. Kristopher Fortin’s profile of Pedrini Music, now Marini Music, inspired comments filled with warm memories of the shop. Alfonso Villegas and Daniela Gerson’s story about Fosselman’s Ice Cream Company tickled readers’ taste buds and had them craving the shop’s signature homemade ice cream. And Deanna Ong’s feature on Bun 'N Burger, a diner that’s been serving hungry Alhambra residents since 1941, also got some attention from local fans.

Pedrini’s sold musical instruments and sheet music, but they offered a place where musicians could feel at home. One reader remembers visiting the store frequently. “I grew up buying all my music supplies and sheet music at Pedrini's,” wrote Brett Moorover. “It was a beautiful place for a young musician. Awesome sheet music selection! Treasured memories of going there with my father. What a great store. What a great family.”

“They made Alhambra a better place,” wrote Adam Bray-Ali. “Thanks for sharing this.”

Readers seemed to think that Fosselman’s makes Alhambra a better place too, with its signature malts and homemade ice cream flavors. “I love Fosselman's ice cream,” wrote Guillermo Marinez. “My wife just had a taro and green tea cake made for my 58th, loved it.”

“I buy ice cream in the containers and drop them off at friends' houses as surprise gifts,” wrote Moorover. “People's eyes light up when you give them Fosselman's. Beautiful ice cream.”

The story even inspired one reader to explore where he lives a bit more. Dennis Salvatier wrote, “I've lived in the LA area all my life and have never known this. I will get acquainted.”

Local eatery Bun ‘N Burger also had readers talking about Alhambra’s delicious food offerings. “Great article about our local community,” wrote John Gacis. “I pass through this area regularly but have never eaten here…This area of Main St. has been slow on commercial growth, but for now, it seems like the regulars don't mind one bit.”

Alhambra Source’s Facebook users are fans as well. “LOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!” commented Julian Yang Chung. “I haven't been there for so long, I miss them…. My kids ask for their curly fries and their beans!!!”

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