Peculiar Alhambra

Picture Alhambra: Portraits of the City of Alhambra and its people.

And now for something completely different –

Alhambra Source photographer Albert Lu spotted this chicken strolling along South Sierra Vista Avenue, with no owner in sight, though do chickens really need to be walked? In the second image it turns out that dogs do need to be walked, though sometimes their feet don’t even need to touch the ground.

Woman pushing dog. | By Nathan Solis

The photo: As Lu wondered where the chicken came from (and where it was going) he snapped a picture on his iPod Touch.

The other photo: Somewhere on Alhambra Road and Story Place I took this photo of a woman pushing her dog in a stroller.

The photographers: Nathan Solis acts as your curator for Picture Alhambra. Albert Lu is the Alhambra Source breaking news photographer.

Albert Lu used his iPod touch to take his photo, while Nathan Solis used a Nikon N2020 film camera.

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