Patricia Rodriguez-Mackintosh is re-elected to AUSD school board

Residents have elected incumbent Patricia Rodriguez-Mackintosh to Alhambra Unified school board in the third district.

Rodriguez-Mackintosh received 56 percent of the vote, while West-Palma received 44 percent. 

West-Palma, a speech language pathologist in Los Angeles Unified School District, was the first challenger in four election cycles, Pasadena Star-News reported. Rodriguez-Mackintosh has served on the board for 12 years. 

School board members Adele Andrade-Stadler and Jane Anderson ran unopposed for re-election, and were appointed by Alhambra City Council on August 24.

Superintendent Laura Tellez wrote a letter requesting City Council to re-appoint Andrade-Stadler and Jane Anderson because "not having an election would be a cost savings to the AUSD and would add to the resources they could utilize for students," according to the meeting agenda.

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