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Pasadena Star-News endorses Eric Sunada for Alhambra City Council

The Pasadena Star-News endorsed Wednesday Eric Sunada for Alhambra City Council. Sunada is challenging two-term council incumbent Stephen Sham to represent District 1 on Alhambra's council. 

The editorial cites Sunada's motto of "Responsible development, not over development" as "getting it right." Sunada told the Star-News that current city policies are so bad it's “like witnessing a car accident and you can’t walk away from it.”

Sunada is the only resident to run against city council this year and previous local elections have been entirely canceled due to a lack of challengers. The Star-News writes that the recent lack of challengers for public office is not a sign of satisfaction with current politicians but is instead a "scandal". The Star-News says the current state of Alhambra's government is a secretive one where staff reports are not posted online and the city manager refuses calls from reporters. 

The Star-News recognized council incumbent and candidate for a third term Stephen Sham as, "A good man and an active member of the business community." However they noted his view that residents are not running for city positions as a sign that citizens are content with current policies as wrong. 

Read the full story on the Pasadena Star-News.

Eric Sunada is a community contributor to Alhambra Source. The Source does not endorse candidates.

2 thoughts on “Pasadena Star-News endorses Eric Sunada for Alhambra City Council”

  1. Alhambrans are NOT content with their city governors or what is happening in their city. They don’t get involved because when they do, they get berated at City Council meetings, they go unheard, or their council member doesn’t represent their interests. Voters now have a chance to SHOW the Council what we want – and that is a NEW person in the City Council! Eric wants transparency and so do we. It’s too late for empty promises from current leaders who’ve been mucking up our town for too long – out with the old, in with the new.

  2. Mr. Montes de Oca

    I agree 100% with this endorsement.

    I applaud Mr. Sunada for having the courage to run against the incumbent.

    It is very time consuming and expensive to run a campaign.

    To run against Messina you are running against money and dishonest tactics. Ms. Messina’s campaign was fined $14,000 for illegal campaigning eight years ago against Dan Arguello.

    The lack of transparency in this city is a crime.

    Mr. Sunada is a breath of fresh air. I’ve come across his volunteers and they are a delightful group of dedicated people who are really working to change things for the better.

    Plus, they have great t-shirts!

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