Parents of Asian candidates help their children connect to immigrant communities

As Asians have become more interested in politics in recent years, the number running for office has also grown. The candidates’ parents often play an important role in supporting them in the election and helping them to connect with other immigrants, World Journal(世界日報) reports.

Thomas Wong, a student at University of Southern California’s Master of Public Administration program, is running for the San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District. Since Wong grew up in the United States and does not speak Chinese fluently, he has relied on his parents to make important connections with the Chinese community. They helped with a fundraising dinner in Monterey Park, translated his campaign flyers, and during the weekend, the entire family goes out to campaign. 

The parents of 39th Congressional District candidate Jay Chen’s also offer great support to their son. Chen’s father says that he serves as the bridge between his son and the Chinese community, since his son is not familiar with the nuances of Chinese social interaction.

Both Wong and Chen’s parents say that they try to remain behind the scenes and low key in offering help, since they do not want others to think that their children are dependent.

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