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Online survey seeks public input for Alhambra’s long-term plans

Residents can take an online survey to provide input as Alhambra drafts a new General Plan. A General Plan is regarded as a city's blueprint and, by state law, must address housing, land use, transportation, conservation of natural resources, exposure to noise, public parks and recreational goals, and all potential safety issues.

The online survey asks questions about how safe residents feel when walking in Alhambra, what their opinions are on development in the city, how satisfied they are with traffic management, and what they think city government can do to improve the quality of life.

People can print out the survey from the city's website or submit it electronically. Surveys must be turned in no later than 5:00 pm on July 21. 

The city hired several consulting firms to use the next 16 months to draft a new General Plan. True North Research, one of those firms, is administering the survey as part of the city's outreach efforts. They are also calling 400 residents as part of a phone survey.

The previous General Plan was adopted in 1987.

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