On the rail in Alhambra

The photo: Alhambra was once the first stop on Southern Pacific Railroad's Sunset Limited route from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Clark Bauman took this photo on a Sunday riding the trains in the 1970s. "We would first catch the inbound San Joaquin Daylight, and the Coast Daylight at Glendale Station, then the outbound Super Chief / El Capitan and the Grand Canyon at Pasadena Station, with the last stop at Alhambra for the Sunset Limited," says Bauman, whose fascination with trains stems from his travels with his grandfather in the 1950s. In 1971 Amtrak absorbed Southern Pacific and today the tracks are the only remnant of the route that once stretched from Alhambra to the Big Easy.

The photographer: Clark Bauman has been photographing trains and cars for years, though he still considers himself a casual photographer. "Recently I became a grandfather and now baby photography is a prime interest," he says. We found Clark's image on Flickr.

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4 thoughts on “On the rail in Alhambra”

  1. Nice picture. When we moved in 1975, the Alhambra Station was still open, but not sure if it was in operation. The last time I saw a train stop at the Alhambra Station was the Centennial Celebration when a special Centennial train traveling throughout the country with many historical artifacts on board stopped at the station. Soon after, no activity, then was demolished & a self-storage company stands there, on Mission, corner Palm – too bad because we love riding Amtrack & if the station would still be open we could have boarded here, instead of Union Station.

    1. Really puts the city into perspective. Thanks for letting us know where the Alhambra Station was, Richard. I had a general idea, but now I'm concerned what else will be leaving the Alhambra area.

      1. Next to leave (actually already closed) the retirement homes on Fremont close to St Thomas More Church, purchased by a developer, closed it, will be making high-end condos

  2. Curious about where the Alhambra station would have been. If I were to hazard a guess, I would guess along Alhambra Ave before it splits to Concord Ave and Mission Rd. Perhaps another reason to pore over old Sanborn maps of Alhambra…

    Great writeup and picture.

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