On the agenda: Temporary relocation of Alhambra Farmers Market

Alhambra City Council will hear Monday a presentation from Community Services about a temporary relocation of the Alhambra Farmers Market. The department will present new location options for the Sunday market, according to the City Council agenda. The current location of the Farmers Market is on Monterey and Bay State streets.

City staff will also give Council an update on the city's Strategic Plan, a set of three-year goals and six-month objectives for business and housing development, quality of life, infrastructure, finance, and city programs. Goals for 2014 include completing an agreement with a new car dealership at 801 E. Main St., developing an Industrial Area plan including a sports entertainment area and creative district, identifying neighborhoods that need community rehabilitation and city assistance, developing a mobile app for business owners to pay commercial trash bills, installing historic neighborhood signs in three additional neighborhoods, and establishing an online registration system for Parks and Recreation classes and programs. Read the full Strategic Plan below.

City Council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 and 7 p.m. at City Hall. Read the complete agenda below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.




5 thoughts on “On the agenda: Temporary relocation of Alhambra Farmers Market”

  1. The bike master plan is a 10 year project. Only 3.43 miles of actual separated bike lanes are recommended. 40.75 miles of bike route signage for shared traffic lanes. Support facilities for parking and storage. Adjusting local law & codes. Public Programs to inform, train, and organize.


    1. Oner, 10 years is way too long time to implement a bike plan. This is not the 710 project. I believe to actually implement the bike plan it requires a vote and to date the city council has not put it on the agenda. Information on the status is difficult to obtain as phone calls and emails in June 2013  went unanswered when I tried to contact city staff. In January 2014 Councilman Ayala helped me make contact with City Manager Mary Swink. She responded that the plan was on hold until late summer where it might be included in the general plan. That is a move in the right direction if it happens.

      Unfortunately the Bike Plan as it stands is very weak and the city chose not to go for a plan that would seriously improve the biking scene. Other members of local bike coalitions and I voiced our objections to the use of Class 3 routes (signage) rather than other methods that have proved more effective such as more Class 2 bike lanes that provide more protection for the riders.

      In a previous article in the Source advocates expressed their disappointment with the current plan.


      “The proposal includes 3.5 miles of bike lanes through Alhambra, which is 7.6 square miles. In constrast, when South Pasadena recentenly approved its most recent plan it included 7 additional miles for a city less than half the size of Alhambra”. Clearly we can do better.

      I ask the city council to address the bike plan and move forward and not take 10 years to see this happen. 

  2. Its nice of the City to develop an app so we can pay our business bills. However, what happened to the City Bike Plan? Dead?

    1. Vincent, The Bike SGV and Los Angeles County Bike Coalitions advocates tried so hard and spent a lot of time educating the council about the benefits of implementing a bike plan. It is so sad that after the city spent $25,000 for a plan, it sits in a drawer somewhere in city hall. because  most of the council just does not want to make the city safe for bicyclists. You were with me when we pushed for this and the city just did not get it. Too bad! What is wrong with having bike lanes and encouraging our residents to ride their bikes? 




  3. Joslyn Center parking lot next to Story Park might be an option for the Farmers Market??

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