On the agenda: Placido to swear in as Alhambra's next mayor

Alhambra City Council will hold a reorganization ceremony Monday evening at 7 p.m. at City Hall. Councilman Dr. Steven Placido will take Councilwoman Barbara Messina's position as mayor of Alhambra, while Councilman Stephen Sham will replace Placido as vice mayor.

According to the Alhambra City Charter, council members must rotate key city positions every nine months. Placido will also serve as head of Public Affairs and Sham as head of the Department of Finance. Councilman Gary Yamauchi will head the Department of Public Works, Councilman Luis Ayala the Department of Public Safety, and Messina the Department of Supplies. 

Reorganization will take place again on November 25, 2013.

City Council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month. Read the complete agenda below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.

Feb. 25 City Council Agenda by

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