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On the agenda: First Street parking structure update

City staff will present to Alhambra City Council Monday evening an update on the multilevel parking structure on North First and Main streets, called Mosaic Parking Structure. Council will vote whether to award contracts to Geo-Advantec Inc. for soils, deputy inspection, and materials testing services and DePinto Morales Communications Inc. for communications and public outreach. The cost of inspection and testing will amount to no more than $56,538, while outreach will not exceed $25,000, according to the meeting agenda.

Alhambra City Council approved in September the issuance of $8 million in bonds to fund the Mosaic Parking Structure at 26 N. First Street. The structure will provide 292 spaces for Main Street patrons. 

Staff will also submit Monday to City Council financial and audit reports for the year ending June 30, 2013. Nitin Patel, tax advisory and audit services partner to White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP, will present key areas of the reports to City Council.

City Council meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 and 7 p.m. at City Hall. Read the complete agenda below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.

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14 thoughts on “On the agenda: First Street parking structure update”

    1. Please read all your previous comments. You are making a lot of imputative assumptions and don’t seem to be answering my questions as well. No problem, you do as you wish. I’m just saying it would help if you did your homework first, that way you can have a better understanding of the issues involved.

      1. In other words, no accusations, just your assumptions and interpretations.

      2. In other words, you didn’t understand what I said. And in other words, you don’t see the connotation of your own imputative comments that I see. For you, no accusations (your interpretation). For me, its very far different (my interpretation).

        Far different, because what you are stating about the money to be “better” spent to “benefit” the citizens shows the utter disregard of the various issues involved, including the perception of mistrust emblematic of the city. It’s nice to debate these things when more useful information can be exchanged. I’ve given you many of my references already, you have provided hardly nothing. I walk Main St. regularly, keep up with city affairs, and talk with the people out there; the parking structure is a bona fide need to alleviate the parking situation.

        Do you even live in this area?

      3. No, John. It shows a concern for the citizens of Alhambra (which I have been for over 30 years) above the businesses of Alhambra, something that is sorely missing in the Alhambra government.

      4. I see your concerns, and with respect, I understand…

  1. Let’s see. $8 million for 292 parking spaces equals about $27,400 per space. Of course, this is only the bonds. Certainly there are other costs which will raise the cost per space even higher.

    Has anyone even looked at other places where $8 million could be better spent to benefit the citizens of Alhambra rather than the business of Alhambra?

    1. @ A Friend,

      You’re neglecting the park spaces needed to accomodate the growing businesses along our Central Business District; businesses that will incubate the economic vibrancy along the Main St. corridor and provide much more walkability for us local residents. Parking is an issue if you haven’t already noticed and if you had attended the city council meetings, would have learned that finding a replacement tenant for the now closed Hop Woo Restaurant was proving difficult for the owner due to parking limitations in that area. You’re concerned about $27,400 per space? The return will be much more over the lifetime of this parking structure in terms of business revenues for our local economy. It will also help support our local business owners and employees, many who live here in Alhambra.

      It would help if you attend the city council meetings and ask the proper questions…

      1. Show me the study that determines how much this parking structure will contribute to business revenues and income to the city. Or is this just your opinion?

      2. That’s like me asking you to “show me the study” where $8 million could be better spent elsewhere. But seriously, go attend the city council meetings and ask the right questions if this parking structure bothers you so much. You seem more afraid of them than you are responding to me. How convenient. An opinion? More like an assessment. As an opinion, just as much as yours, except the decision to construct this parking structure probably has more merit than you having to ask “anyone” for a better idea to spend the money elsewhere…

        It’s obvious you haven’t attended the city council meetings for this topic or even bothered to learn the facts and circumstances; businesses growing, limited parking, current issues by property owners, projected traffic by the West Main Street Corridor DEIR/FEIR, etc.

      3. Well, John, you are absolutely right. There SHOULD be a study to determine where is the best place to invest $8 million dollars of our city money. I wonder why that has not been done. Don’t you?

      4. A Friend,

        Studies and discussions are regular processes conducted by the city. This isn’t something new. If you are actually thinking $8 million was just laying around and it was just on a whim that a parking structure be built, then you are just absolutely flat wrong; you need to start getting more involved by reading more (and not just the Alhambra Source) and get out more often (walk the city streets, meet new people, and attend the city council meetings).

        You seem like a concerned resident with good intentions. I respect that and I’m not trying to belittle you in any way. It would help however if you were more active by interacting with the right people and participating in the various opportunities out there. Right now you are complaining but haven’t said or shown what you have done to address your concerns. The parking situation on Main St. has been addressed numerous times, not just by the council, but by business/property owners AND RESIDENTS. According to Mayor Sham (Around Alhambra, Jan 2014), community surveys conducted in 2002 and 2007 “showed strong demand for enhanced parking along the downtown corridor”. According to the paper, the Downtown Alhambra Business Association and the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce also voiced support for more parking opportunities as reflected by their constituents. I saw this first hand last month as the council and the property owner of 1st West Main St. (where the defunct Hop Woo Restaurant was once located) discussed various issues, including parking concerns of prospective tenants due to the location of this place. Furthermore, traffic and parking has been also addressed in the West Main Street Corridor Master Plan Environmental Impact Report. This document is available at the Alhambra Library, 2nd Floor. You may want to check out Appendix E, Table 1 (Existing Street Characteristics) with information on parking along Main St. Some of the information is outdated, but you may want to address this to the council or city staff if the data contained in this document still holds ground. Last, the six-month strategy plan is a recurring process the city conducts semi-annually. Parking issues in these meetings have been discussed many times, including the possibility of converting the Alhambra Library parking into Valet Parking during non-library hours. I don’t have current updates of this topic though.

        From my own empirical observations based on walking Main St. on a regular basis, parking can be a nightmare for many folks. I have seen people curse and fight over parking several times. Interestingly, if you look at some of the Main St. restaurant reviews on Yelp, numerous comments talk about the parking hassles around Main St.

        Remember, its not just you who have needs. The rest of the city residents (including business owners) have needs also. They are pro-active and make the time to share their concerns with the city and community. Are you willing to invest your time as well?

      5. The “right people”, John? Just who are the “right people”, the business people? The people looking for “help” from the city?

        Let’s see. A study in 2002, then another one five years later in 2007. It is now seven years and a recession since the last study. I think it is time for a new one.

      6. A Friend,

        Yes, the right people. And good point about asking who these “right” people are. You need to seriously ask yourself that question. It was a contrasting point I was trying to make of rather than asking or depending on “anyone” to answer your question.

        Yes, the studies are old, but have you read the West Main St. EIR?

        Again, if you had read it, it would have given future growth projections (I believe the last time I checked) of about 1% per year. A recession is not necessarily permanent by the way, we historically work in cycles.

        Do you even walk Main St.? Do you even see how often our residents frequent the local businesses?

        Please do your homework first before making all these accusations…