ON THE AGENDA: City may eliminate parking on stretch of Garfield Avenue

City staff will present Monday an idea to eliminate parking on a part of Garfield Avenue that extends from Main Street to Bay State Street. 
According to Monday’s council meeting agenda, this proposal is meant to “increase capacity and improve circulation” by the entryways for the two parking structures near that area. If passed, this plan will eliminate approximately 15 parking spaces. The move will only affect the west side of Garfield Avenue. A right hand turn lane will also be implemented on the east side of Garfield. 
City staff will also present an update to Alhambra’s strategic plan, an agenda that lists the city goals for a three-year period (2015-2017).
There will also be a second reading on an ordinance that will impose regulations on public donation bins. The regulations will restrict the location and size of the boxes. It will also require that the bin owner get a joint-permit with whoever owns the property on which the bin is located. 
City Council usually meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 and 7 p.m. at City Hall. Read the complete agenda below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.

City Council Meeting Oct 12

2 thoughts on “ON THE AGENDA: City may eliminate parking on stretch of Garfield Avenue”

  1. Good parking? Lol…you mean for all those outsiders as opposed to the locals who WALK?

    But yeah, get rid of the curbside parking here and more cars will come barreling down Main St. The parking now actually acts as a buffer and slows traffic the way it should be, slow for the pedestrians. There’s also a Metro bus stop here so will removing the parking stop the buses from slowing traffic down?

  2. Gotta “love” those council people, while embracing more dense building (which will attract more vehicular visits), now they’re making it harder to find good parking in different areas of the city.

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