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On the agenda: City Council to vote on new water-use regulations

City Council will vote Monday on new water use restrictions, responding to California’s historic drought and Governor Jerry Brown’s statewide mandate on conservation.

City staff will propose restricting lawn-watering to twice a week and changing the hours that permit watering. Currently, residents cannot water their lawns from 10am to 5pm. The new ordinance would expand that time block, prohibiting residents between 8am and 6pm. Other existing restrictions will remain in effect; they include banning the washing of sidewalks and requiring customers to request water before being served at restaurants.

This ordinance, called the Water Shortage Plan Level III, is an urgency one, meaning that it will take effect once it has passed after one voting process. Usually an ordinance requires two votes to pass and become part of the City’s code. 

We are currently under Water Shortage Plan Level II, which was implemented in August 2014. City staff will present on the effects that Plan Level II had on water cutbacks in Alhambra. While the State seeks a 25 percent reduction overall, it has assigned communities different thresholds to meet, ranging from 8 to 36 percent. Alhambra needs to reduce by 24 percent of its current usage, says Monday’s agenda.

An update to front yard landscaping guidelines is also on the agenda. The goal of these new standards is to “assist residents wishing to address water efficiencies on their properties in a more creative and drought tolerant manner while still maintaining a pleasing appearance for the neighborhood,” reads Monday’s agenda. However no official action will be taken on these new standards. 

City Council usually meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 and 7 p.m. at City Hall. Read the complete agenda below. You can also download the document or make it larger using the controls on the bottom.

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