Ohana Brewing Company beer tasting room to open in Alhambra

Ohana Brewing Company will be bringing their pale ales and hefeweizen beers to Alhambra. The South Los Angeles brewery — whose motto is "a fresh face in beer" — will be opening a company store and tasting room on First and Main streets in 6-8 weeks, Ohana Brewery Company posted Tuesday on Facebook.
Ohana Brewing Company owner and Alhambra resident Andrew Luthi chose Alhambra because the city was more welcoming than Los Angeles, Los Angeles Magazine reports. “The city [of Alhambra] has been very supportive, and a lot more friendly about our taproom," Luthi told the publication.
At 24, Ohana Brewing Company owner Andrew Luthi is one of the youngest brewery owners in the country, according to the company website. Luthi opened the brewery in 2012 and is now working with brew team Robert Sanchez, Erick "Riggs" Villar, and Eric McLaughlin.
The Ohana Brewing Company Taproom will be located at 7 S. First St., Alhambra, Calif., 91801.

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