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Northrup Elementary shut down after incident involving thrown candy

A 26 year old man was arrested on Friday after he'd trespassed on Northrup Elementary and confronted a group of students.
The man, later identified as Alhambra resident Jonathan Torres, was picking up a child from the nearby kindergarten school when he thought that students from Northrup Elementary were throwing rocks at his vehicle. It was later determined that the students had thrown a candy cane.
Torres jumped a fence, entered the Northrup campus, and approached the group of students. Several news outlets reported that Torres had pushed and spat at the group of children. But, according to Sergeant Gerald Johnson of the Alhambra Police Department, Torres had unintentionally spat at the children while he was admonishing them.
Torres fled the campus after a teacher confronted him, and the Northrup campus was put on a lockdown that lasted about 15 minutes. The suspect was later arrested at 2:43PM, and booked on one count of battery and one count of trespassing on a school campus. Torres' bail was set at $20,000. The case now awaits a decision from the district attorney.
Upon learning more about the case, administrators at Northrup spoke to the students about their actions, said Johnson.
"Their conduct was addressed at the school level. They were counseled," said Johnson.

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1 thought on “Northrup Elementary shut down after incident involving thrown candy”

  1. Spoiled BRATS – the kids from Northrup, although the adult should not have responded as he did, he should have complained to the Northrup school management.

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