No Jubilee, but another Alhambra town hall meeting is planned **Updated

Updated 10.4.11

The local of Councilman Gary Yamauchi's townhall meeting has been changed back to its original site: The Ruth Reese Hall in the Alhambra Civic Library. The event will still be held on Saturday, October 22, at 11:00 a.m. 

Updated 9.28.11

Gary Yamauchi's townhall meeting will be moved to the Almansor Park gymnasium. The event will still be held on Saturday,October 22,at 11:00 a.m.  Everyone is welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served.

Originally published 9.26.11

Alhambra Councilman Gary Yamauchi pledged last year as mayor that he would host a cupcake contest, bring back the summer Jubilee, and hold at least three town halls. He kept his word on the cupcake contest, but failed to bring back the Jubilee and only held one town hall.

He's decided that was not enough. Even though the rotating mayorship has passed on to Luis Ayala, Yamauchi plans to hold another townhall meeting on Saturday, October 22. The rationale behind the town halls is "that’s always a concern of certain people in town, that we’re trying to hide something, we’re making all these backroom decisions," Yamauchi said before the first one last March. "That’s totally not true."

He said he expects to cover development in Alhambra, the high-speed rail, a bike plan, the legality of fireworks, and redistricting. "I will be happy to discuss any topic to the best of my ability, " Yamauchi told the Source. 

Anyone with questions can e-mail the councilman at, or call his cell phone at (626) 524-4516.

3 thoughts on “No Jubilee, but another Alhambra town hall meeting is planned **Updated”

  1. I don’t think “Pledged” is the correct word to describe my discussion about the “Jubilee”. Please be careful with your interpretation and reporting. Thank you, Gary Yamauchi

  2. It will be held at the Almansor Park gymnasium.

  3. Where will the townhall be held – Alhambra Park or the Library; story has both sites, same time.

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