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Newspapers are still where Alhambra residents go to get their news

As you may know, the Alhambra Source is a collaborative project initiated by journalists and communication researchers at the USC's Annenberg School. The Alhambra Source staff and the USC Metamorphosis research group post some of the insights gleaned through our work in your community. As we share what we have learned, we hope you will let us know what you think through your comments.

Regardless of their ethnicity, Alhambra residents prefer getting their local information from newspapers. Television and the Internet are the next two most popular ways to stay on top of the community, followed by conversations with neighbors, newsletters and radio programs.

At the end of 2010, the USC Metamorphosis group and CSRS researchers conducted a multilingual survey of Alhambra residents. One of the things we wanted to know was where the community gets its local news. Finding out how people learn what is going on in the neighborhood had a dual purpose. On one hand, it served to identify the important local news sources. We wanted to know what those sources talked about, to see what was missing from their coverage – and perhaps to establish a relationship between them and Alhambra Source.

A second goal was to compare the means of staying on top of the community across ethnicities. One of the major tasks we had set for the Source was to serve as a shared news source and space for discussion for all ethnic groups in the community. We wanted to see what other resources were available across all of those groups.

While all three ethnic groups had newspapers and television in their top three sources of local news and information, they differed in their perception of the importance of conversations with neighbors. Face to face communication was more important for Anglos, less so for Latinos, and least for Chinese residents.

Anglos and Latinos pointed out the Chamber of Commerce "Around Alhambra" as their top newspaper/newsletter local news source, while Chinese-speaking residents preferred China Daily and the World Journal. The LA Times was, as expected, in the top 5 lists of all ethnicities.

Across ethnicities Alhambra residents pointed to the City of Alhambra website (cityofalhambra.org) as the best online choice for local information. Most of the other web destinations mentioned by survey respondents were search engines and newspaper sites.



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