New resident councils to advise on 710 gap

Metro is forming new resident advisory councils to provide feedback on a 710-gap solution.

The executive director of Metro Highway Programs told the Pasadena Star-News "We're starting with a clean slate" on the 30-year old controversy. Additional details and applications are available on Metro's website:

Community Liaison Council Roles and Responsibilities

    * As a CLC participant, you will act as a liaison between the study team and your community by:    * Sharing updates with others    * Providing feedback to the study team    * Helping shape improvements proposed for the study area    * Gathering feedback received from others in your community    * Recommending outreach activities and making suggestions to enhance the public participation program 

Alhambra resident and member of the "No on 710 Action Committee" Janet Ervin signed up for a council, but told the Star-News that she thought Metro was just "going through the motions."

And Councilwoman Barbara Messina, a strong proponent for the completion of the freeway, said the councils will  primarily attract opponents. "The average person just wants to it get done and they are probably not participating in this," she told the Star-News. 

2 thoughts on “New resident councils to advise on 710 gap”

  1. I may or may not be “average” to Barbara Messina, but as an Alhambran resident, she does not speak for me. I laud and admire South Pasadena for not allowing a boondoggle idea to destroy the fabric of a city and its wonderful neighborhoods.

    Maybe Messina doesn’t give a damn about Alhambra (as evident by her and her husband’s aggressive development policies — that they’ve handsomely benefit from through the decades $$$$), but I do care about the overall quality of life for our region’s residents. So, screw the “one-passenger-per-car” mentality out there.

  2. That’s one way to hold your constituents with contempt, Barbara!

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