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Quarantine Connections: The New Normal Submission Examples

A note from Helen:

I have a project for us. I want to know what we’ve all been doing for the last two months and what next the few months might look like for us: So this is an open call for text, video, audio and photography submissions that address some aspect of life during the pandemic and coming into the new normal.

My experience is different from your experience, and yours is different from our neighbors’ experiences.

I want to strengthen the connections we already have and foster new connections, digital quarantine connections, to help us navigate the waters ahead and hopefully we can make the “new normal” a little bit brighter.

Below are a few examples of video, audio, photo and text submissions to “Quarantine Connections: The New Normal.”

If you want to see what the post might look like, here is the first, by me.

Feel free to put as much “production value” into your submission as you wish.

Content doesn’t have to be created with any expensive editing programs and bloopers are just a part of real life that were caught on camera!

Tell good stories and have fun – reach out to me if you have any questions.

Back to the directions and submission page

Examples of types of videos include:

  • Back-to-back clips
  • A sped-up timelapse
  • A slow-motion demonstration
  • An interview with one or more people in your household
  • Screencaptures

Quarantine Connections Example Video #1:

What activities are you doing to pass the time?

by Virginia Situ

Examples of audio include:

  • A monologue
  • Multiple-person interview
  • Samples of you playing music
  • Very short clips of playlists with voiceovers

Quarantine Connections Example Audio #1:

When was the last time you left the house? For what purpose?

by Virginia Situ


Quarantine Connections Example Audio #2:

What activities are you doing to pass the time?

by Max Tran

Quarantine Connections Example Photography Essay

How have you been staying in touch with your friends or other classmates?

by Virginia Situ

Quarantine Connections Example Text #1:

What has been your absolute favorite at-home activity?

by Virginia Situ

The activity I love doing the most at home is painting.

Last summer, I picked up drawing, thinking that my new hobby would help relieve me of some stress when times get a little rough in college, but I ended up never touching my sketchbook during my time there.

After coming home due to COVID-19, I decided to pick it back up and to up my game by learning how to paint.

I remember watching my friend’s SnapChat stories a few months ago, of them painting and it made me very interested in how that would work out for me.

Turns out, the mixture of colors and satisfying strokes on the canvas made my time spent painting a time of meditation and a way for me to forget about my stress. This not only helped me stay calm from the hectic world outside, it also brought my family together for family time!

I will try to paint at least 3 to 4 times a week so that I can take a little break from schoolwork and other stressful activities. I really hope I keep it up until next school year because it would be such a fun activity to do with friends!

Quarantine Connections Example Text #2:

When was the last time you left the house? For what purpose?

by Max Tran

The last time I left my house was to do a few chores.

My mom and I drove to several different locations in order to buy the weekly groceries. We first went to a nearby market to buy some ingredients. My mom decided to keep me in the car to ensure a lesser chance of catching COVID-19 and giving it to my grandmother.

Then, we went to a local bakery to stock up on some bread. I was told again to stay inside the car.

Finally, we drove to a restaurant to order some take-out for the family. This time I thought she would ask me to get out of the car, but she told me to just stay inside again. When I asked why she made me come with her, she told me that it was so I would help her unload our groceries out of the trunk.

So, we got back home, organized everything, and ate dinner. That was the last time I left the house for a long period of time.

I went outside a few times after that, but it was just to take out the trash or check our mailbox and front yard for mail.

Quarantine Connections Example Text #3:

What activities are you doing to pass the time?

by Max Tran

I spent much of the free time that I now have on interests and hobbies.

I would either practice some routines and exercises or learn new songs. Most recently, I learned “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. I also spent time exploring new music from bands such as King Lizard and the Wizard Gizzard, Peach Pit, Nickel Creek, and the Fleet Foxes.

I’ve also been looking into genres that I never really listened to. Funk, in particular, is quickly rising as one of my favorite guitar tunes. They are really helpful for passing time, especially for me since I lack the commitment necessary to watch a show.

I would also play a bunch of video games that I’ve wanted to dive into. They can also be fairly relaxing, especially the ones with beautiful landscapes that I am left speechless at. One example would be the game known as “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim;”  its emphasis on exploration providing players with endless hours of entertainment. It is an excellent pastime, especially for people who enjoy medieval and fantasy settings.

Sometimes, however, I would just sit down and do absolutely nothing. It helps me clear my head but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone.

Submissions have be edited for spelling and clarity.

Questions? Email Helen at [email protected]