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New goals for Alhambra city staff include presenting plan for dog park, posting staff reports online

Alhambra City Council approved on Monday a new Strategic Plan, a set of three-year and six-month objectives for city staff. Long-term goals include enhancing communication, improving the use of technology, improving quality of life, maintaining financial stability, and increasing commercial activity "while retaining residential integrity." Read the Strategic Plan below.

The Strategic Plan also lists 35 goals for the next six months, including presenting a dog park plan to City Council; posting City Council, board, and commission meeting staff reports on the city's website; and providing information to the public regarding the 710 Environmental Impact Report process.

Council members receive a Strategic Plan progress update every six months, but City Manager Mary Swink noted at Monday’s meeting that the first update is scheduled for January.

City staff and City Council members participated in a Strategic Plan development meeting on Nov. 17, during which staff noted city accomplishments and challenges. Accomplishments in the last three years include breaking ground on the new Alhambra Placeinstalling picnic shelters and completing the band shell flooring at Alhambra Park, relocating the Farmers Market and celebrating its 30th anniversary, adopting a balanced budget, launching a Chinese-language social media initiative on Weibo, and re-designing the city website.

Challenges facing the city include a lack of city services available online, low staffing levels, aging equipment, and a lack of funding for community events. Staff and council members also noted perceptions by the public and others that the city is not transparent, Alhambra is overdeveloped, or that City Council members or city staff are apathetic. 

Weren't able to attend Monday's City Council meeting? You can watch it here. City Council usually meets every second and fourth Monday of the month on the second floor of City Hall: 111 S. First St., Alhambra, Calif., 91801. The next regular meeting will be on Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m.

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6 thoughts on “New goals for Alhambra city staff include presenting plan for dog park, posting staff reports online”

  1. Most of the goals seems oriented towards fund generation. Improve quality of life? Get rid of dogs? Keep people from riding their bikes on the sidewalk? Sounds great, will do as soon as the city approves a proper bike plan and install infrastructure. Give dogs owners a place to go.

    1. Vince, I believe the City has been working on a dog park. However, there is opposition from residents around the proposed site. If you want one voice your opinion to the City Council. Complaining behind a computer is just cowardly. http://www.alhambrasource.org/news/residents-urge-city-reconsider-site-d…

  2. I absolutely agree with Alhresident.
    1. The City Council and staff simply present dreams after dreams and portray a fancy future. The fact is that they are not capable of doing well the job already on their hand. A dog park? Well, look at how city parks are maintained today. Lights have not been working for months and they fail to fix them. Malfunctioned sprinklers have flooded ground for months. These individuals just try to make up some fancy plans to cover up their failure.
    2. When Pres Obama proposed his deportation deferral, he coupled it with measures to secure the border and tighten the enforcement on recent illegal immigrants. Even he has to (appear to) do something to balance the conflicting interests. Same thing with bike paths, dog park, and etc. The City needs to enforce the law banning bikes on sidewalks and dogs in non-dog parks, which it should anyway, when it considers building bike paths and dog parks. As a pedestrian, I absolutely hate the cyclists on sidewalk. Just this afternoon, a jerk rode his bike on the Fremont sidewalk and when he passed me, he even yelled — maybe to scare me or to express his displeasure that I was in his path.

  3. I agree with you Lynn, would love to see a dog park! 🙂

  4. “perceptions by the public that City Council members or city staff are apathetic.” They still try to cover up. It is not perception. How often did City Council members respond to residents’ email complaints? How well did City staff do their job?
    Lynn, I don’t mind a dog park. But the City staff need to get their act together first. Currently dogs are banned in city parks but people still bring their dogs there. The City just turn a blind eye to it. I would not support a dog park unless the City is committed to returning the people parks to the people. Similarly, I would not support dedicated bike paths unless the City is committed to arrest those cyclists riding on sidewalks. If dogs are still in people’s parks, cyclists still ride on the sidewalks, the money spent on dog parks and bike paths are just wasted. (I almost got hit by a cyclist on the sidewalk yesterday.)

  5. I absolutely love the idea of having a dog park in Alhambra! 🙂

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