New Alhambra Chamber president wants to attract Chinese businesses

The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce named Taiwanese-born Frank Chen its new president on Friday, World Journal (世界日報) reports. Chen, a business lawyer who grew up in the United States, said he would like to increase Chinese businesses' role in the Chamber.

“Even though Alhambra has a large Chinese population, the Chinese businesses’ participation rate is not high enough," Chen told World Journal. "One of my biggest goals is to attract more Chinese businesses to the Chamber of Commerce, especially the new immigrants."

The Alhambra Chamber of Commerce is the eighth largest chamber of commerce in Los Angeles County with more than 450 members from the San Gabriel Valley, according to Chen. Members include small family businesses and big chain stores, ranging from car dealerships, movie theaters, banks, hospitals, law offices, clinics, and restaurants. It provides services and seminars in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

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  1. raymond v alvarez

    also it is a good idea to bring Hispanic business to Alhambra – les be open to all ethnicities.

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