More Chinese in San Gabriel Valley living in assisted living facilities

Chinese tradition emphasizes loyalty to elders, and children are often held responsible for taking care of elderly parents. But this mindset is changing in Chinese immigrant communities, and assisted living facilities are gaining popularity in the San Gabriel Valley, World Journal (世界日报) reports.

Various assisted living facilities in Los Angeles County target the needs of Chinese seniors, who prefer Chinese-style cooking and are generally not fluent in English. Cardinal Yu-Pin Manor, the first assisted living facility targeting Chinese seniors in Southern California, currently has full occupancy in its 40 rooms in Norwalk. The occupants range in age from 70 to 100, and the monthly cost ranges from $1,800 to $2,600.

According to Xinzhu Zhang, an assisted living consultant, more Chinese have asked for information or visited the assisted living facility where she works this year than last. Some of the visitors were researching the home for their elderly parents, and some were seniors themselves.

Assisted living is different from a nursing home, Zhang said. While nursing homes target seniors with disabilities or medical needs, assisted living facilities offer services to facilitate daily activities, such as taking baths.

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