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Monterey Park police arrest Alhambra driver who hit, dragged elderly man

UPDATE 4.23.16
De Toledo posted $50,000 in bail. Her arraignment has been moved to July 20th, according to Robert Julian of the Monterey Park Police Department.
Monterey Park police arrested Alhambra resident Cecilia de Toledo, 33, at 8:55am Wednesday after a 3-month long investigation. De Toledo had fatally struck 80-year-old Kwai-Ling Hong, also an Alhambra resident, with her minivan in early January. She dragged Hong for nearly a half mile before pulling into her own driveway.
Monterey Park Police Sgt. Brent Archibald told the Los Angeles Times that the Los Angeles County district attorney filed felony hit-and-run, misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, and misdemeanor unlicensed driver charges against de Toledo.
De Toledo claimed that, at the time of the incident, she didn’t know she’d hit a pedestrian, the Source reported in February. She had only a driver’s permit when the incident occurred. According to state law, the permit required her to be driving with a passenger who has a valid California driver’s liscense, or a driver who is over 25-years-old. Police and eyewitnesses said that she was driving with children at the time of the incident.
The Monterey Park Police Department was in charge of the investigation because de Toledo had struck Hong in Monterey Park at the intersection of Hellman and Hathaway Avenues. Hong was dragged into Alhambra after the initial contact.
"We are happy the case is moving forward and the DA decided to press charges," George Hong, Kwai-Ling Hong's son, told the Source in an email. "But this is just one step in a very long process for the justice [my father] deserves."
De Toledo was scheduled to be arraigned today. The Source will be posting updates as soon as possible. 

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  1. innocent until proven guilty… but it doesn’t look good for DeToledo. Her actions of the incident and after the incident shows much disregard for the law and to the victim.

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