Mission Accomplished? Crewest Gallery closes after 10 years

From beginnings on Valley Boulevard in Alhambra to its downtown LA shop, Crewest Gallery promoted the development of graffiti and its role as an art form. Last May it celebrated 10 years declaring "Mission Accomplished." And, indeed, its tenth year will apparently be its last. 

Alhambra native Man One, 41, who grew up in Alhambra with the name Alex Poli, told the Los Angeles Times that he wants to dedicate himself to producing his own art. "If this was my only gig, I'd like to stay another 10 years," Man One told the Times. "But my passion is to be an artist and make a living doing that — which I have been doing. It's time to venture and do bigger things." The economy was cited as another reason the store is closing. 

Man One told the Times that he is proud of what the store did for graffiti art: "We helped establish the playing field." 


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