Mighty clouds at Alhambra's Costco

The photo: Originally opening as Price Club in 1987 as a redevelopment project, Costco has become a center for shopping in Alhambra in what was once called a “blighted” area of the city. With the clouds looming over the warehouse goods Mecca, John Wood couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “Well, the clouds looked amazing so I wanted to try some HDR.”

High dynamic range (or HDR) photos are created by merging several different layers of the same image, with various levels of sensitivity to light, thus creating a scene that encapsulates a large spectrum of light and contrast.

The photographer: John Wood, a certified public accountant, primarily deals with taxes and takes photos in his free time. “I got into photography about three years ago when I started to post photos on flickr and learn from other people on the web,” he said. “It is so much fun – it’s addicting.”

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