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Midwick’s preferred parking district deemed a success; Balzac opts out

The city enacted in January a “preferred parking district” in the Midwick and Alhambra Hills area after residents complained that, due to high enrollment at nearby Cal State LA, students were taking up parking spaces in residential areas. 
The district restricted parking to one hour for non-residents. Residents, on the other hand, were given passes that allowed them to bypass the rules. 
At an April 11 council meeting, then-Police Chief Mark Yokoyama said that the district was a success. They monitored its implementation and studied the effects for the first 90 days, then concluded that the district had met expectations.
“The students are parking elsewhere and taking advantage of the parking offered by Cal State LA,” said Yokoyama.
There was one objection, however. The residents of Balzac Street, which sits right next to the 710 and 10 freeway interchange, said that students never used their road in the first place.
“We never had any students park that far. We can't even get Halloween kids to come get candy,” joked Lorenzo Amia, who lives on Balzac.
12 of the 15 households on Balzac signed a petition asking for their street to be removed from the preferred parking district. Their request was granted at a Monday council meeting; Balzac is officially removed from the preferred parking district.
The preferred parking regulations allow for one-hour parking from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Motorists are advised to look out for signs to see if they are parked in the preferred parking district.

1 thought on “Midwick’s preferred parking district deemed a success; Balzac opts out”

  1. Linda Trevillian

    Although my street (Westminster Avenue) was not included in the restricted area, there are way too many vehicles (a majority of which are big and bulky) parking on both sides of the street most of the time. I’d like to see the city consider allowing every residence no more than ONE street-parking permit. There is not ONE house on my street (or Avondale) which branches off to the right) that doesn’t have a garage. Yet, way too many citizens not only do not use their garage for its intended purpose (which should be quite obvious), they also don’t even get their vehicles off the street and into their driveways. Almost every time I drive up or down my street, I have to try to pull over to the side if a car is coming toward me in the opposite direction because there’s simply not room for two moving vehicles. Why? Because there are big, bulky vehicles parked on both sides of the street, often right opposite each other. I’ve driven in other cities where this is not the case. It makes me wonder whether any of those cities has a regulation that prohibits street parking, even for residents. I would love to see Alhambra tackle this issue.

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