Midwick area gets new parking regulations after residents say students take up space

The city adopted on Jan 4 a “preferred parking” zone that will enforce the use of permits in the Midwick and Alhambra Hills Tract. This action stems from an Oct 2015 petition that was signed by residents of the surrounding area—they claimed that students from the nearby Cal State LA campus had been taking up parking spaces. 
The preferred parking regulations allow for one-hour parking from 7am to 7pm, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. 
Residents in the area are given up to three permits that will exempt them from the preferred parking rules, City Manager Mary Swink said at a Dec 4 city council meeting. Residents may obtain more than three permits if they can show they need more. The permits will be placed inside the car, and can be shared with acquaintances who are visiting. Swink noted that babysitters, for example, can borrow a resident’s permit. Residents will still need to abide by rules concerning street sweeping, and will still need a separate permit for overnight parking.
Some streets in the area will not be affected by the preferred parking regulations. They include Orange Grove Avenue south of Hellman, Westminster Avenue, Avondale Drive, Westboro Avenue, and Warwick Road south of Winthrop Drive. Motorists are advised to look out for signs indicating the one-hour time limit.
While residents were glad to hear that the petition had brought a change, some also expressed concern for the students.
“I was in college too, and I know how it is,” said resident Isaac Chavez at the Dec 4 meeting. “You don’t have the money to use for the parking fees. Let’s say the fee is a hundred dollars per quarter, and somebody takes just one class. He’s not going to be able to afford the facilities.”
Mayor Luis Ayala suggested that the city revisit the preferred parking decision in a couple months to ensure that the city’s parking enforcement is able to keep up with these new demands.

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  1. I didn’t get a chance to vote on this because I let my mail pile up too long and didn’t see the letter until after it had passed. I wonder why certain streets south of Hellman (mine included) are exempted. On my street, though, the problem isn’t Cal State L.A. students; it’s residents who have multiple, frequently very large, vehicles and refuse to park them in the garage or in the driveway. Most of the time when I turn onto my street from Hellman, and someone is coming toward me in a vehicle, I have to pull over (if there’s room) to let that car pass because there’s not room for two vehicles to pass each other because of the large number of vehicles parked at the curb. I wish there were an ordinance to prevent daytime parking on the streets, but I know that’s not going to happen. But it would help if all residents had to have parking permits (it’s common in Los Angeles and other nearby cities) and if only ONE were available for each single-family residence. Other cities give residents guest parking permits, but they have to pay for each one. I am in favor of that idea, too.

    Concerning Cal State L.A. students, those who are on campus just one or two days a week for just a few hours will find the parking fees very reasonable. The problem right now is that increased enrollment since this past fall has led to an insufficient number of parking spaces at certain times on certain days. That’s why the University is renting space in a parking garage on Fremont Avenue north of Mission and using a shuttle to deliver students to and from the campus.

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