Meth lab discovered in Chapel Avenue apartment

The Alhambra Police Department found on Friday a methamphetamine lab in an apartment on the 100 North block of Chapel Avenue. The landlord of the apartment called the police department with concerns about an elderly man who had not been seen for several days, said Sergeant Jerry Johnson. When officers arrived to the elderly man’s apartment, they found evidence that no one was living there, including “very large smelly pots along with cans of acetone” that prompted further investigation, said Johnson.

Nearby residents were evacuated while a hazmat team investigated and disassembled the meth lab. The meth was “absolutely for sale,” said Johnson. “We do see meth in Alhambra once in a while,” the sergeant added.

The apartment was vacant and no one is in custody regarding this case at the moment. The elderly man has not been found but Johnson noted that the police department is considering him a "person of interest."

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