Meeting set to discuss Midwick Tract development

On Tuesday city officials, the developer City Ventures and Midwick Tract residents will meet at the Alhambra Library to discuss a proposed luxury development in the area.

The meeting, which will seek input from the entire community, is a follow up to one that was held in October, when residents and city staff first met to discuss concerns surrounding the project. City Ventures has presented to the city a conceptual plan of a 93-unit housing development that would consist of town homes, single-family houses, and nine "luxury suites" at 2400 S. Fremont Avenue. The proposal has been met with vocal criticism and claims that it would increase traffic and make the area more congested.

Midwick Tract resident and opposition organizer Elizabeth Salinas raised concerns at a City Council meeting Monday night that the community has not been given sufficient notice to prepare for next week’s scheduled meeting.

“The city should play fair with the notice part,” Salinas said. “If you want people to show up, you should give notice. We have not received anything to date, and the meeting is next week.”

A city official replied that they intended to issue hand-delivered notices by Tuesday, and that the meeting will remain set for its original date. “Anyone and everyone is invited, no matter where you live in town,” Councilman Steven Placido said. “This is not a City Council meeting, but rather a city open house, more for information.” 

Councilman Gary Yamauchi said that although each member of City Council would like to be there, regulation cites that only two are allowed to be present. “It’s not because we’re not interested,” he said, “but it’s simply a matter of following the guidelines of the Brown Act.”

The meeting is scheduled to take place in the Community Conference Room at the Alhambra Civic Center Library on January 17 at 6 p.m.

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