Meet Sylvester at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

My name is Sylvester. Some say I look like an old man. They’re probably right. I’m not a cute, fluffy thing with an adorable face. I probably never was.                                                                                                    
Fact is, it’s been going on three years I’ve been here at the shelter. They’re very good to me…I get two squares a day, a soft bed, quality playtime, walks to the park…but I want more.  I want a home, a place to call my own with my own family – who loves me and I can love them back.
I come from a long line of energetic, intelligent and playful min pins.  "King of the Toys": that’s what they call us. We make great watchdogs and companions and take our jobs seriously.
I’m a good boy. My Mama raised me right. I’m friendly, great on walks, and get along well with my friends, both human and canine. I’m known here for my famous belly crawl on the grass and don’t mind showing off a bit for a treat. I may not be pretty, but I’m no fool!  
These famous old man faces have millions of adoring fans… 
…all I need is one.
If you are interested in meeting Sylvester or any of the other available animals at the shelter, visit the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society at 851 E. Grand Ave., San Gabriel, Calif.  91776. It is open 10:00am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, call (626) 286-1159. See our website at www.sgvhumane.orgfor information and photos of all their wonderful pets.

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