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Meet Frankie, a terrier mix, at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Alhambra Source partnered with the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society for a weekly column, "Pet of the Week." Every Thursday, we'll introduce you to a new animal looking for a home. This week's pet is Frankie, a terrier mix. Read more about Frankie below!
Name: Frankie
ID: #15563
Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier Mix
Age: 1 year 
Weight: 10 pounds
Fur: Black coat  
Frankie is an adorable terrier mix with a happy, friendly spirit. He has soft black fur with a few white highlights, and is about one year old.  He is 10 pounds of love and affection looking for a good home.
Frankie arrived at the shelter as a victim of abuse.  He had a blue rubber band tied around his muzzle that had deeply embedded into his gums and flesh. He was given immediate medical care by our clinic staff who treated his wounds, repaired the damage, and reconstructed his face.  Although he had to live with staples holding his muzzle together for a few weeks, he has completely healed and there is no visible evidence left of the mistreatment that he endured. 
Frankie has shown himself to be very resilient after his traumatic experience. He seems to love people, is happy receiving and giving affection, and is quite the cuddler!  He will greet you as you walk by his kennel with a smile on his face, a wag in his tail and a friendly “hello” bark.
Feel free to call us at (626) 286-1159 for more information on Beatrice.  See our website at www.sgvhumane.org for information and photos of all our wonderful pets.

1 thought on “Meet Frankie, a terrier mix, at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society”

  1. Denise Villagran

    I just wanted to let you know that Frankie has been adopted!! My boyfriend
    and I adopted him on Saturday March 21. He is absolutely wonderful and we love him
    so much!!

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