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Meet 'Dynamic Duo' Dallas and Clyde at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

Name: Dallas and Clyde

ID: Dallas 25392/ Clyde 25391

Gender: Male

Breed: Chihuahua mix

Age: Dallas 6 years, Clyde 5 years

Weight: Dallas 11 pounds, Clyde 7 pounds

Fur:  Dallas -Brown and White, Clyde – Black and White

Dallas and Clyde were picked up together on the streets of San Gabriel. They share enough similarities to indicate they might be brothers, or perhaps father and son – Dallas is about 6 years old and Clyde is estimated to be around 5. They appear to be Chihuahua mixes, although Clyde has more of the “Chi” look than Dallas.  Clyde is smaller at around 8 pounds, while Dallas weighs in around 11 pounds. Whether they are related to each other, or just best friends, they are clearly bonded and love being together.

Both Clyde and Dallas were a bit timid when they first arrived at the shelter, but with some gentle socializing and regular walks, they are now friendly boys who seem to love the company of people. They are very comfortable with the staff and volunteers, and enjoy getting pets and lap time, sharing kisses in return for a back scratch or belly rub. Both boys are also social with other dogs, and enjoy playing with them, or with toys. They both love going for walks and are easy to manage on the leash. Although Dallas is a bit larger and older, Clyde has taken on the responsibility of being the protector and will let strangers know that he will take care of Dallas. When you pass by their kennel, you might see them cuddled up together on their bed, keeping each other warm and cozy.

Clyde and Dallas would love to stay together and be adopted by the same family. There are many advantages to adopting a bonded pair – they will adjust to a new or uncertain situation much more easily if they have each other for security, and they can rely on each other for comfort. They also have a familiar playmate to interact with as they get to know their new family. In many ways it is easier to bring home two dogs that are already attached to each other, than to adopt just one. If you have room in your life for two delightful little dogs, come and meet Dallas and Clyde. Meet them together and they will bring a smile to your face as you watch them play with each other. They are waiting patiently for that special family that can appreciate this “dynamic duo.” Their adoption fee is $130 each, which includes neuter surgery, a microchip, first vaccinations and a free wellness check-up at a participating veterinarian. If adopted together they qualify for a special discount.  

The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel. We are off San Gabriel Blvd, north of Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Athena, please stop by any time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. See our website at www.sgvhumane.org for information and photos of all our wonderful pets.

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