Mark Keppel High basketball coach arrested after claims of sexual relationship with student

Joseph Alan Kikuchi, a basketball coach of the Mark Keppel High girls' basketball team, was arrested on Thursday after rumors surfaced that he was having a sexual relationship with a 16 year-old female player. 
Mark Keppel administrators heard of the rumors and alerted the Alhambra Police Department on the morning of Sep 15. The department immediately sent officers to the school to conduct an investigation.
According to Sergeant Gerald Johnson, detectives spoke with "the 16 year old girl, other students, and faculty and staff." Johnson said that the relationship started approximately a year ago.  
Kikuchi was arrested on Thursday morning and booked on multiple felony counts, including a charge of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. He told officers he had a medical condition and was taken to a local hospital, where doctors cleared him for booking. His bail was initially set at $100,000, as the county booking system automatically sets the bail according to the most serious charge. Johnson said that detectives had petitioned for a bail enhancement, or an increase in the bail amount, but it was denied by a judge and the $100,000 amount remained. 
Kikuichi, who is currently out on bail, will be arraigned on Oct 23 at Alhambra Superior Court. Earlier news reports stated that his arraignment would be on Sep 28. 
According to the Pasadena Star-News, Mark Keppel Principal Jacinth Cisneros and Assistant Principal Khevin DeVaughn were placed on administrative leave last week. District officials would not say if the incidents were connected, but said they've started an investigation.

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  1. Sadly it seems not a week goes by when we get news of these accusations. Working with children/teenagers I was very careful of how I dealt with them and I vigorously trained my staff to be very careful; for example in discussions with children/teens I always made sure there was at least one adult, preferably a female if dealing with girls and documenting and reporting our discussions to management; there were others precautions I took and made sure my staff also did.Once a co-worker was charged with the same accusations as this coach, after countless court hearings, fund-raising for his defense, he was acquitted, but even being accused of sexual crimes against minors, his reputation was damaged, eventually he resigned and moved to a different state.I think there needs to be more training for people dealing withchildren/teenagers and parents need to make sure their children are better trained in dealing with adults.

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