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Main Street transforms into Palm Springs for Modern Family

The hit ABC show "Modern Family" needed a gay bar scene in Palm Springs. But instead of heading to the desert, they created one in Alhambra on Tuesday night in front of Azul, Senor Fish, Blitz Ultra Lounge, and other Main Street establishments.

Main Street as Palm Springs | Photo by Monica Luhar “We were recreating Palm Springs," said Desarey Guzman, a location manager for the show who scouts possible filming locations and communicates with merchants, businesses, and cities. "Instead of going out there, we found something local and Alhambra worked great for us."

Spectators and curious residents snapped photos from their iPhones, while others edged towards the sidewalk to catch a glimpse of some of their favorite actors from the hit comedy show. The episode filmed is titled “New Years Eve” and is scheduled to air Jan. 9, 2013.

On the sidelines of the television taping, “Modern Family” co-producer and production manager Sally Young said that the City of Alhambra had been supportive.

“Alhambra has been great; very supportive. We had to do this very quickly and they were very helpful with getting us what we needed as quickly as we could. The merchants were great — very cooperative and I think we’ll be back," Young said. "It was a great experience."

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22 thoughts on “Main Street transforms into Palm Springs for Modern Family”

  1. @ Dan,

    You sound like a typical technocrat. I hardly give credibility to your biased references. You say more Americans support gay marriage than oppose? Well, that doesn’t mean nothing because it is the voting population, not the supporting population, that will get legislation passed. Prop 8 has already proven it but special-interest groups just can’t accept the fact most people view relationships as that between a man and woman. Yeah, I can accept a pluralistic society of both gays and straight folks. I’m sure most people can tolerate that. But this idea of “accepting” gays among our society is more a reflection of stopping the hate that gays have suffered in the past. I have never “hated” gays and know a few myself (and yes, they are from W. Hollywood). They can live their lifestyle all they want, I have nothing against that. What I don’t like is this push for gays as being “normal”. I don’t know about you, but if you see two guys french kissing (and believe me, I’ve seen it) and you don’t feel a bit weird, then good for you. Just don’t impose that the majority is like you, because they’re not.

  2. @George: I agree that you have a right to speak your mind and convey your opinion and point out that not all Alhambrans support gay rights. And yes, we should all be respectful and remain civil in our discourse.

    Overall, this comment thread may show the generational split appearing in polls regarding Americans’ attitudes toward gay marriage (I’m assuming you, George, are over 40), as well as a more general acceptance of gays in our society.

    Pew Research’s surveys show a clear divide among age groups in addition to splits based on race and religion. Also, this is not liberal versus conservative – or a situation where liberals are forcing gay values/marriage down anyone’s throats – because some conservatives (Barry Goldwater would have been among them) support gay marriage, while some liberals do not. Consequently, at this point in time more Americans support gay marriage than oppose, thus it goes beyond just that one special interest at this point. We saw this change in attitudes earlier this month when voters in four states supported same-sex marriage.

    I would also like to point out that, despite what you convey in your last comment, gay sexual relationships are already legal and have been for more than a generation (in California at least) and being gay hasn’t been considered a mental illness since 1973. Giving legal recognition to long-term gay relationships was and is the next step. Perhaps you really only meant the second part of your sentence, that gays are looking to convince people to accept them for who they are and adopt “gay values,” whatever that may mean.

  3. @ bandshoesfromprobers,

    Too bad it’s really not only about me. There are so many self-interest groups out there who do want to legalize their sexual preferences (from porn to homosexuality) and in effect, legitimatize their values on society. Now, the process itself may not be a bad thing in a democratic society, but the issues involved should always be addressed. I’m okay if we have more film shoots here of Modern Family (business-wise), I just want to point out my sentiments just like others have pointed out theirs. Is this asking too much?

  4. bandshoesfromprobers

    You seem to think a lot about sex, George. Not that that’s a bad thing…

  5. bandshoesfromprobers,

    With the passage of Measure B (mandated condom use in the porn industry in LA County), let’s see if the folks in Pasadena are open to porn shooting in their neighborhoods. Their city has their own public health dept. that exempts them from these measure.

    If they start complaining I’ll refer them to your famous words:

    “Film shoot in town = money spent locally. That’s all you need to know.” GO PASADENA! 🙂

  6. DAD, a homophobic “bigot”? Gee, your words reveal alot about yourself too… So is someone a bigot for believing that homosexuality is not a norm?

  7. bandshoesfromprobers

    Film shoot in town = money spent locally. That’s all you need to know. Go Alhambra!

    1. That is one of the biggest myths, that studios, and production companies pour all kinds of money into local municipalities. Simply not true. Food is catered in, and supplies are already on site. Everything is union, so if something is needed , they go through that union, be it lumber, electrical, parts,etc. Virtually no money is spent locally. The business or home that is being used gets compensated, as does some cities for permits. That’s about it. On rare occasions we need to get something, or send out for doughnuts or some pizza, but not the millions you read about. The biggest shame is, other states are taking jobs and production away from Calif with tax credits. But they tell the citizens of that state, that all kinds of revenue is being brought on by the filmmakers. Not true.

  8. @ Esmee,

    Antiquated views?! So respecting sexuality that has evolved over millions of years and still thrive today is outdated? Somehow, the way you talk sounds like you treat LGBT issues as some faddish appeal. Yeah, the world is changing alright, and one day when you are old enough, when other young kids challenge your values (if you even have any that you can hold onto long enough, especially in your generation), we will see who has the last laugh. Have a nice day yourself… 🙂

  9. Since the discussion is on shoving beliefs down people’s throats, last time I checked, gays aren’t the ones creating and championing legislation that seek to strip and deny LGBT citizens of their rights. The gay rights movement learned long ago during the aids crisis that Silence = Death. If they want something, they’re going to need the visibility and voices to fight for it.

    Perhaps the arguments from moralists would hold more ground if they weren’t almost always rooted in religion. The United States is a diverse country with many religions. There should be no reason for religion to influence legislation that only seek to classify gays as unequal, second class citizens. So who’s shoving beliefs in who’s throats now?

  10. @ Richard

    Haha, yeah, I know many folks from Silver Lake and W. Hollywood.

    So you think my property values are much better off with more homosexuals in Alhambra? That’s an interesting assumption. But I think more businesses and people in general (gays included) will win the day… 🙂

  11. @ Soyloco

    You should be telling Esmee to calm down (“Heck yeah!!!…up their game on the gay party scene! It’s on n poppin…whatever that means)

    ” I assume that it takes very little for you to feel like you are having someone else’s values “shoved down your throat”. Your intolerance is evident,”

    Really? Have you seen anti-Prop 8 demonstrators and the media blitz FOR gays and homosexuals? You don’t consider many of these actions as being “shoved down” many people’s throats? Especially when you consider most people are heterosexuals? AGAIN, let me state, I have nothing against gays. What I don’t like is when gay supporters are INTOLERATE of people who believe homosexuality is not a moral value one should hold.

    1. Haha apparently I need to calm down! Because I enjoy Modern Family and *gasp!* gay bars are fun. Oh, and I also care deeply about the basic rights of every single person on this planet, including you George. And I'm sure you'll soon see that aside from the “liberal vs. conservative” dichotomy, the world is changing, and that your antiquated views of human sexuality will not hold meaning in today's society for much longer. Have a great day 🙂

  12. George, It’s Alhambra. I don’t think you should lose any sleep over an invasion of gays and lesbians. But you may be interested to know that your property value may increase if gays were to become interested in Alhambra. It is well documented that gays moving into the neighborhood will fix up homes and open popular businesses which serve to improve the city for everyone. See Silver Lake, West Hollywood, & Hollywood. You may want to rethink your views on equality.

  13. George, calm down. How does one incident signify that the majority supports anything? It’s a scene from a sitcom. The fact that you ask the question suggests that you have a problem with ANY kind of gay representation in your city. So, I assume that it takes very little for you to feel like you are having someone else’s values “shoved down your throat”. Your intolerance is evident, even if you won’t admit it. And THAT is why you get called a bad person.

  14. Omg I wish I had known about this earlier! Totally would have stopped by to check it out!

  15. Well, when you say words like “Heck Yeah!!!” and “gay party scene! It’s on…” it certainly does say something of not only yourself, but what you want for this city. Run for the hills? I’m not going nowhere but to stay here in Alhambra…

    You are like so many others that use words like “tolerance” and “equality” on gay issues. I don’t mind gays and have done nothing against them personally. What I do mind is when liberals like you force it down society’s throat to accept gays as normal and anyone who doesn’t feel that way automatically is the bad person.

    @Normal Solis,

    Yeah, perhaps gays can discover Alhambra. Maybe you can write some more articles so that more gays can move here. If you think that would be the best interest for this city, then the more power to you…

    1. @ George- A homophobic bigot with issues of “things being forced down his throat”. Revealing a lot with your word choice there.

  16. @ Esmee,

    So does a gay film shooting in this city necessarily mean the majority of us Alhambra residents support gay values?

    1. Well now that the article has been written and the words are now on the internet, it's only a matter of time until the gays discover Alhambra.

    2. LOL “gay values.” And what are these exactly? Dare we allow tolerance AND equality to take over Alhambra??? Run for the hills George, the gays and their homosexual agendas are coming! Hahaha

  17. Heck yeah!!! Maybe now Main street will up their game on the gay party scene! It's on n poppin ;D