Lt Governor comes to San Gabriel Valley to court Asian-American voters


140 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel , CA United States

Lieutenant Governor Maldonado, who is in a tight race for his job with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, visited San Gabriel Wednesday in an attempt to court Asian voters, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reports.

"The son of immigrant farm workers, Maldonado said he can personally relate to the experience of many Asian-American immigrants in the San Gabriel Valley," Rebecca Kimitch writes.

"My values are the values of my family, and they are similar to a lot of people who come here – you want a better job, a better life, a good education, a safe community … to work hard with the goal of starting a small family business," Maldonado said, according to the Tribune. "And you don't come here looking for a free ride."

Local officials at the appearance said that they appreciated the attention because even though the area has generated income, particularly from China, that they feel isolated from the rest of the state.

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