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Lowe's appeal and Chengdu Taste commendation at the Alhambra City Council Monday night

At 5:30 pm, during Monday night’s Alhambra City Council meeting, Mayor Mejia will proclaim February 2017 as Heart Healthy Awareness Month in Alhambra. In addition, he and the City Council will commend Chengdu Taste for its high quality traditional Sichuan food.

Brad Perrin, president of Alhambra Court Inc., will give a brief presentation on the preferred improvement projects for the Almansor Court banquet facility.

The February 27 City Council agenda states that the City Council will decide whether to approve the Award of Contract to Gentry Brothers Inc. for $574,835 for the 10" Water Main Replacement and Street Improvement on Marengo Avenue. 

In addition, city staff requests that the City Council approve a General Services Agreement between the county of Los Angeles and the city of Alhambra for a period of five years. Alhambra's current General Services Agreement allows for services like the prosecution of city ordinances and various public works projects.

The City Council will also vote on whether to award a contract to JT Engineering for $63,225 for engineering design services for the 2017 HUD Streets and Alleys Rehabilitation Project.

Then, at 7 pm, the Alhambra City Council will hear an appeal concerning the permit that the planning commission granted to the Charles Company to build a Lowe's on Fremont Avenue. 

For the complete agenda, check out the upload below: 

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2 thoughts on “Lowe's appeal and Chengdu Taste commendation at the Alhambra City Council Monday night”

  1. Anonymous Hippopotamus

    Awesome! By Scribd.ing the City Council Agenda, the Alhambra Source just ensured that the Public Comments and the City’s defense of a Lowes on Fremont is on the record, publicly available, and easily accessible. The Alhambra Source does the City’s job better than the City does.

  2. This is great! I hope the Alhambra Source continues to provide break downs of City Council Meeting agendas prior to the actual meetings. So many people do not want to wade through the online agenda themselves (or we forget about it).

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