Local elections will likely be canceled

Alhambra's elected officials will most likely be automatically reelected come November, and municipal elections will be canceled.  Three City Council members are up for reelection, Luis Ayala, Barbara Messina and Stephen Sham. No other candidates have filed the paperwork to run for election, according to the City Manager's office.The Chinese-language newspaper, World Journal, reports that the same is true for the School Board, noting, "Board of Education members Robert L. Gin and Chester Chau, both Chinese, will also be elected automatically for another term due to the absence of competitors." The paper reports that if both elections are canceled it could save the city $270,000 in election costs. Sham, who is currently holding the rotating position of mayor, said that at a City Council meeting next month the Council will vote on whether to hold elections or not. One can assume the verdict will be not to hold elections.

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