LA County receives over $6 million to fight fraud

The Los Angeles Country has received $6.4 million to fight workers’ compensation fraud. This comes in part of a state-wide initiative in which 37 California counties are given $34.9 million total in grants to fight fraud.
"The impact of fraud is felt across California as a drain on our economy," wrote California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones in a press release. "These grants will assist district attorneys across the state in uncovering workers' compensation fraud schemes and prosecuting those who take advantage of the system." 
According to the California Department of Insurance's website, workers' compensation insurance fraud includes medical provider fraud and employers defrauding employees. The department says that the grants are aimed at leveling "the playing field for honest businesses."
For the counties to receive these grants, California District Attorneys had to apply for the funds on behalf of the county. These counties supplied a statement of its needs and its future plans of addressing them. The Commissioner and his grant panel reviewed these materials to decide on a grant amount for each county. Down south of Los Angeles County, San Diego will receive close to $5 million, while San Francisco up north gets about $700,000.  

3 thoughts on “LA County receives over $6 million to fight fraud”

  1. Maybe the unions are part of the problem. But that does not mean those cops who cheat should be left off the hook. One may look at the problem from 100 different perspectives, and “the system” and everyone are all responsible to some extent, but still the crooks should be brought to justice.

  2. Richard, blame the unions who allow these things to happen. It’s the system and how it is set up that is just as faulty. You are only looking at this from one perspective.

  3. I suggest they start investigating claims made by police officers, who seem to be the worst offenders. Whenever a police officer might be “injured on the job [questionable]”, retires receiving workman compensation, he/she easily gets another job in order to supplement his/her income. I have seen many former police people receiving workman’s compensation working, living a good life, vacationing, doing activities not consistent with their “injuries.”

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