Jujube time – why a fascination with this date?

Photo by Kevin Chan at the Alhambra Farmer's Market. It is jujube season in Alhambra again, meaning huge bins filled with the date at Chinese supermarkets, crowds at the farmer's market date stand, and fruits left out to dry on a car hood on Valley Boulevard.

Jujubes are relatively unknown in the United States, but are as popular as grapes in many cultures — most commonly as a dried snack — and many consider them a super food as well. 

Also known as red date or ziziphus zizyphus (no that's not a typo), jujubes are often used in medicinal teas to help alleviate stress. The fruit contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals, and is said to enhance metabolism and support cardiovascular health. The taste and texture is like an apple, but less juicy.  When immature the fruit appears smooth and green, and will begin to wrinkle and turn a burnt red as it ages. Jujubes can be found in many Asian grocery stores, dried for use in teas, soups, and even candied for a sweet snack. We came across this page with a few jujube recipes, with an intriguing savory application with mushrooms and onions.

How do you prepare your jujubes? Any memroies of eating them elsewhere?

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