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Jeff Maloney and David Mejia win the Alhambra city council election

After going to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 8, Alhambra residents elected Jeff Maloney as their 3rd district city council member and David Mejia as for the 4th district seat.

Maloney, an environmental lawyer, beat Mark Nisall, who is retired from law enforcement, 72.86 percent to 27.14 percent. Mejia, an LAPD sergeant, beat his opponent Ken Toh, a retired fire inspector, 57.69 percent to 42.31 percent. 

"I'm really happy that the voters in the city liked my positive campaign," Maloney told the Alhambra Source. "They liked the fact instead of focusing on a lot of the negatives, we're looking forward to positive changes building off of progress from the past, and we're charting a course for the future that's going to be beneficial for everyone in the city."

Nisall expressed deep disappointment at the outcome, but was proud of his own campaign as well. "My only regret is that the people of Alhambra will continue to have a city council that will overdevelop our city, fail to address the shortage of affordable housing and operate in secrecy without public participation in the decision-making process," he said via email.

In his race, Ken Toh reflected on why voters went with his opponent. "I think I lost a lot of votes because of the 710 tunnel," he suggested, adding that he thinks that people don't realize the cost and length of time that such a project will take. 

Looking ahead to what the new city council would accomplish, Toh repeated his campaign call for transparency. "I hope they can continue to show the community what they're doing about the issues they talked about during the campaign," he said.
"I look forward to working with current council members, city officials, and Jeff," David Mejia told the Source via email. "I am humbled by all the support I received through out my campaign.  I am ready to work on the items from my platform of public safety, relieving traffic congestion, and smart economic growth."
Residents can find results for this race and other election results at Los Angeles County's LA Vote website.

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4 thoughts on “Jeff Maloney and David Mejia win the Alhambra city council election”

  1. A Friend, can you please just quit it and stop with all these fears of “overdevelopment”? Since we were all born cities continue to develop. This isn’t the end of the world, people of all incomes need housing, and you are still alive. Go out and exercise to relieve all that stress!

  2. I went to the post office today and found Mejia’s mailer in the trash can. I picked it up and read it. It said his opponent Toh was fired by the City and sued it for $800K. Truth but not the whole truth. This is an unjust attack. As someone who swore to uphold justice, Detective Mejia has brought shame to the police profession. (And I find the cops less and less trustworthy.) I wonder how he, as a City Councilman, would deal with employees standing up for innocent people and exposing wrongdoing, frauds, etc within the government. I also wonder whether Det Mejia would think if one day he becomes a whistleblower within LAPD and is fired. Well, maybe he won’t because he cares more about a job than justice.

    1. I wrote this in November but Alhambra Source did not publish it:
      I don’t know whether Detective Mejia would have been fired by LAPD if he had done this on the job — using incomplete facts and half truth for his benefit. Probably not. Chief Becker is a dishonest leader. In defending his policy of imposing (illegal) traffic-ticket quotas on his officers, Becker split the hair and said those are just “targets.” LAPD does not have much credibility.

  3. Sometimes change brings nothing new. This is one of those times. Alhambra will continue down the well traveled road of overdevelopment, 50+ year old solution to current traffic congestion, and closed door political operations.

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