Is trash a problem at an Alhambra elementary school?

YOU ASK, WE ANSWER: “The street of Marguerita Elementary School is one of the dirtiest in the city! I walk my daughter to school every day and I encounter piles of trash from televisions to toilets and clothes,” an Alhambra parent wrote in Spanish to Alhambra Source last January. “It’s embarrassing and it’s such a good school for all this trash to dull it up.”

A reporter investigated if there was, indeed, a problem with cleanliness at Marguerita Elementary. When she visited in February she observed trash littered around the building, including candy wrappers, plastic bags, and papers. On Marguerita Avenue bordering the school she observed even more trash. But on a more recent visit the area was clean.

On a recent visit to Marguerita Elementary the school was spotless.Alhambra Unified School District maintains there is no problem with cleanliness at Marguerita Elementary, which is ranked 7 out of 10 in the state ranking system. "The district has not received any complaints about trash at the school so I am very surprised to hear this,” said Jenny Cheng, director of secondary special education at Alhambra Unified School District.

Parents and students provided mixed reviews upon the initial visit. Some said it was very clean. Others said that the surrounding area was dirty and it made the school look bad.

Street signs along Marguerita Avenue state that trash pickup and street sweeping occur every Friday.

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Before and after cleanup at Marguerita

2 thoughts on “Is trash a problem at an Alhambra elementary school?”

  1. The answer is in the street signs! The trash that doesn’t get picked up gets swept into the campus by the street sweeper!

  2. trash all over the lawns at emery park, the wind finally blew it away, the children don’t seem to know about putting candy wrappers, cups etc in the trash, the staff obviously never goes outside the front door, they do park in the back of the school, trash all along the orange grove side too. amusingly the sign on the school marquee had the word ‘responsibility’ on it. students, parents, and staff don’t seem to care how poorly this reflects on the emery park school.

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