Is Alhambra one of the most boring cities in California?

Do you think living in Alhambra is a snooze? Movoto certainly does. The humor and real estate blog named Alhambra the sixth most boring city in California on Tuesday.

"Alhambra is a Los Angeles suburb of about 83,000 that’s named after a book ('Tales Of The Alhambra' by Washington Irving, to be specific) and that’s about the most exciting thing is [sic] has going for it," the Movoto blog said. 

Movoto used six indicators to rank the state's 100 largest cities: nightlife, live music venues, activities that include parks and the outdoors, percentage of young residents ages 20-34, and both the amount of fast food restaurants and the percentage of restaurants that serve fast food. The lower the score in each category — excluding fast food — the higher the city placed on the "most boring" list.

Alhambra ranked lowest in the active-life category, coming in at number 14 out of 100. "That’s the worst performance in activities of any place in our top 10," the blog said of Alhambra's score.

The city also came in at 26 for fast food — meaning it has more fast food than other types of offerings — and 25 for music venues. It did the best in the nightlife category, coming in at 53.

"Hey, Alhambra, we know you’re probably pretty bummed about being one of the most boring places in California, but at least you’re home to the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. Okay, maybe that sounded more encouraging in our heads," the blog said.

Boring or not, Alhambra was ranked in October 2013 one of the top 25 best places to live in the U.S. by, a website that ranked quality of life in small and mid-sized cities. It was also named one of the top 20 cities to raise a family in California in February by consumer advocacy website NerdWallet.

What do you think? Is Alhambra one of the most boring cities in California? Or is it one of the best places to live? Let us know!

5 thoughts on “Is Alhambra one of the most boring cities in California?”

  1. Maybe just a bit but as I remember Alhambra was a Italian/German community way way ” back in the day! At least main street is looking somewhat better. But oh boy Valley sure need”s a major face lift, so much potential it has.

  2. I Love and totally agree with comments by “Afriend.” I think Alhambra’s city council is perhaps the most boring of all the factors taken by Movoto – we see the same faces with the same BORING results, year after year in the city council

  3. Boring isn’t a bad thing, it just means a quiet neighborhood to live in. Although they could fix up the parks a bit like fixing the kid’s playgrounds, include some adult exercise machines, and replace the basketball courts.

  4. Boring is sometimes good. Although I would hazard a guess that Main St is turning into something. Not quite sure yet how exciting it will become.

  5. For most people, boring is what makes it very livable — livable as long as you stay away from Main St and the City Council’s multi-use monstrosities.

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